3 eyelash application tips I wish I knew sooner

We love the look of false lashes, but applying them? Maybe not so much. After all, there are a lot of factors that go into mastering false lashes. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced makeup artist, you might still have moments where you take an hour to situate your falsies on your lash line or when your lashes seem to hang off the corners of your eyes in a sad, droopy way.

Applying lashes is an art form, and mastering the technique is essential for nailing your beauty look.

Read on to learn some false lashes application tips so you can take your makeup skills to the next level.

Always measure to fit

You probably have to trim your eyelash to make sure that they properly fit your eye and that they stay in place all day. Place the lash on your eye and any extra lash that extends past your natural lashes needs to be trimmed. Make sure you only trim from the outside, and voila, your falsies are ready to go.

Don’t apply lashes too quickly

It’s super important to let the glue dry a little and become tacky before applying your lashes. This will help to make them stick properly and stay on for longer.

Avoid throwing lashes after one use

False lashes, especially Faboulash lashes, are made to last so don’t waste perfectly good lashes when you don’t need to. If you take care of your lashes properly when applying, removing and cleaning them, our lashes can last for up to 8 uses!

By Paola Navarette