Founder Mikka Marcaida

Being a professional makeup artist since 2013, founder Mikka Marcaida believes that finding the perfect lashes that emphasize the shape of the eyes is one of the keys to perfecting a makeup look. 

Self-confessed lash addict, Mikka Marcaida got into her now go-to routine of “Natural No Makeup” look and mostly relies on falsies to complete her look for the day. After many trials of the different brands present, it occurred to her that there is no selection of lashes in the local market that are built for Asian eyes. Also, she saw that quality lash prices readily available in the market come in steep prices.

Mikka took matters into her own hands and came up with a solution. She created top quality lashes that are lightweight and very flattering on her predominantly Asian clientele. Starting from lash assortment that flatters Asian eye shapes, Faboulash has now grown to offering different lash styles and lengths that flatters every eye shape!