Steps on How You Can Easily Put on False Lashes

When it comes to makeup, no beauty product adds more glamour than false lashes. False lashes make your eyes pop and add a finishing touch to your eye makeup. But whether you're just looking to get some natural enhancement or want a full drama effect, applying false lashes can be quite difficult, especially for first-timers. To help you ace the task at hand, we created a step-by-step guide on how exactly to put on false lashes, even if you’ve never tried it previously. 


Step 1: Identify your eye shape 

Knowing your eye shape is key to knowing which lash set will work best for you (although you can wear whatever lash you want—we don’t judge). If you have round eyes, stick to voluminous lashes. For those with hooded eyes, get lashes that carry the bulk of length in the center of the lash. Long and wispy lashes, on the other hand, suit those who have deep-set eyes.

Step 2: Curl your lashes 

Lash prep is an important step to achieving pretty false lashes. Comb out your lashes and curl your real lashes with a lash curler. 

Step 3: Trim your falsies

Your lashes most likely aren’t going to be the perfect length right from the box. Start by removing the lash from the box by bending the sides of the holder and then trim them to your eye shape for the best results possible.

Step 4: Carefully apply lash glue to the lash band

The key is to wait for 30-45 seconds after applying the glue before sticking the lash to your eye. You want the adhesive to feel tacky so that it won’t slip out of place.

Step 5: Put your falsies on

Place the eyelash on your eyes as close as possible to the base of your natural eyelashes. Holding your chin up and standing in front of a mirror, looking into it would make this process easier. As a significant final step, apply a coat of mascara over the lashes you just attached to yours. 

By Paola Navarette